6 Speed Powatryke Cruiser

5 Speed Powatryke Cruiser

6-Speed Powatryke Cruiser Electric Bike

£1,199.00RRP (20" wheels)
£1,199.00RRP (24" wheels)
  • Step Through

The new Powatryke delivers an outstanding combination of good design and robust technology. The new frame now incorporates ultra low step through design, making it extremely quick and easy to mount and dismount. It’s 15 mph powered top speed also makes it ‘quick & easy’ to reach your destination!

We’ve been producing an electric Powatryke since 2001 and with its latest developments and upgrades it has proven to be the most reliable 3 wheel electric urban run-around on the market. Our customers use them for shopping trips, home deliveries, as a general run around, for newspaper deliveries; we even have a fleet being used by engineers in the Saudi Oil fields.

The Powatryke now sports 5-speed Shimano gear-set, with V-brakes fitted as standard on the front and a disc brake on the rear giving the three wheeler plenty of stopping power when you need it.

The Tricycle can now be purchased with a dual lightweight 36 volt Lithium-Ion battery that our revolutionary X-Bike’s use, or with our classic 15 amp SLA battery pack both powering our High Power 250 watt electric hub motor mounted in the front wheel.

The Powatryke is fitted with parking brakes. sprung comfort seat, and a spacious rear luggage basket as standard. The tricycle is just 29.5 inches (75 cm) wide allowing it to fit through most doors.

The tricycle operates in Pure Power (PP) mode where no or little pedalling is required and this will provide a journey distance of approximately 10-15 miles with the standard battery. Extra Lithium ion batteries can be added to increase the range.

Powatryke’s now have a proven pedigree & track record as a ‘mobility’ vehicle for those users who don’t require a restricted and expensive mobility vehicle, but prefer the freedom of the road that a Powatryke offers.

Unisex Adult
Wheel Size
20" or 24" = 3 Wheels
Frame Material
Silver or Blue
With Battery fitted < 58 Kg (Lead Acid)
5 Speed Shimano Thumb Shift
Front Powerful light-action Alloy V Brake. Rear Disk.
Supplied with front and rear battery operated lights.
Swept bars.
Comfy Sprung
Rear Basket
Length 53cm Width 45cm Depth 27cm (Largest dimension - it tapers) or bottom 46cm x 36cm x 24cm
Chain Wheel Set
Front 38 Teeth. 5 Speed Cassette.
20" Version = 29 ½" wide, 3' 6" high, 5' 6" long - Step Over height = 8"; 24" Version = 29 ½" wide, 3' 7" high, 5' 8" long - Step Over Height 10"
Brushed 250 Watts
36V Lead Acid - Battery Level Meter (Lithium Option)
Charge Time
5 - 7 Hours
Power System
Pure Power (Twist and go)
Power Delivery
Twist Throttle
No Pedalling flat ground - 20 miles
Assist 30 miles

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